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Demo woodchip boiler house with thermal capacity of 20MW, 2023
Engineering, procurement and construction

EPC contracts

Prioritizing the comprehension of your requirements to offer tailored solutions that contribute to a sustainable future is our main objective. A group of proficient professionals work closely to examine your needs and propose effective enhancements considering time and budget constraints.

Our dedication is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and lower expenses.

Prepared to examine and evaluate the client's necessities, recommendations for enhancements that fit their specific requirements will be made. Allow us to assist you in accomplishing your goals and making a positive contribution to a sustainable future.

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Understanding the need for adapting to new regulations or improving process efficiency, a comprehensive analysis of the current system is offered, coupled with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and future goals.

A customized plan is then developed, incorporating new technologies and adapted processes, ensuring peak performance and efficiency of the system.

Advice and Assistance

Custom solutions

Whether you are looking for renovation, repairs, or new project development, we have got you covered. Specializing in providing comprehensive services to businesses with high heat and energy consumption.

Our focus is on the construction, assessment, investigation, analysis, production, installation, service, and repair of diverse industrial systems. We take pride in our proficiency in these areas.

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Assembling and Installation is carried out by our qualified and experienced specialists and this fact guarantees assembly quality and on time commissioning.

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