Why Enertek?

Flexible approach, no internal bureaucracy, extensive expertise - all this allows us to develop and implement unique projects that meet all European standards and safety requirements.

Professional approach

Efficient turn-key solutions for the most technologically complex and large-scale tasks.


Calculations, development, assembling and installation, optimization at any stage of your project.

Mutually beneficial solutions

The best solutions allow us to save time and budget of our partners and customers.

Quality in time!

We guarantee the timing of performance of quality services.

If you need a reliable partner in the field of industrial construction and power engineering - choose Enertek.

If you need a reliable partner in the field of industrial construction and power engineering - choose Enertek.

We are ready to offer new technological lines development, finished projects servicing and existing production processes efficiency increase.

  • Development, industrial design, design and advising.
  • Manufacturing, machining, and engineering.
  • Project management, assembling and installation of pipelines, and metal structures.
  • Pipelines, tanks and heat equipment insulation.
  • Process automation.

For implementation of the outlined strategy, SIA ENERTEK undertakes the following liabilities:

  • To satisfy the needs of clients timely and with high quality;
  • To comply with legislative acts, regulations, and other requirements of technical documentation regulations in force at the company;
  • To perfect and improve working conditions for employees by providing safe working conditions;
  • To reduce the influence on the environment by controlling and decreasing essential environmental aspects and utilization of natural resources;
  • To educate and lead employees in quality, environmental, and HSE requirement fulfillment;
  • To perform continuous improvement of Quality, Environmental and Safety Protection Management System, promote manufacturing efficiency and quality of products by providing environmental and job safety requirements, company’s financial and technical capabilities.

The integrated management system of SIA ENERTEK:

  • Designing, production, and realization of EPC / Turn-key projects in the energy, technology, and industry sectors;
  • Designing, manufacturing, and installation of industrial, technological, and thermal power equipment and systems;
  • Installation of thermal insulation and heat-resistant materials;
  • Implementation of process automation services;
  • Consulting and technical supervision on industrial, technological, and energy systems;
  • Service and technical support.

SIA "ENERTEK" policy of the quality, environmental and occupational safety is:

  • Creating a safe and employee-friendly work environment by reducing the impact on the environment, constantly improving and strictly complying with customer and regulatory requirements, to achieve the planned profit.

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