Case Study

60m tall free-standing chimney construction

Lublin, Poland

SIA ENERTEK has been nominated to execute the construction of a free-standing chimney in a biomass power plant located in Lublin, Poland. The power plant has a thermal capacity of 50MW and an electrical capacity of 12MW.

Biomass power plant chimney construction

The inner liner of the chimney was crafted from Stainless Steel Duplex 1.4462, and the outer liner underwent a surface treatment of C4-H providing excellent durability, corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance.

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Image: Shop drawing of the chimney.

Engineering excellence in power plant construction

Standing at an impressive height of 60m and featuring a diameter ratio of D/d 2100/1800mm, the chimney includes a 360-degree platform complete with a swing crane, electrical accessories, and aircraft warning lights. This remarkable structure is a true testament to engineering excellence.

Photo: trucks delivering the chimney parts

Cleaner and greener energy

After the successful completion of the project, the chimney will allow for the release and control of clean flue gases into the environment, which will have a positive impact on our planet, making it cleaner and greener.

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Photo: assembly process

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